Jury members of CYRKULACJE 2023:


Ina Richter

talent scout and production manager in the team of GOP showconcept




Jadwiga Majewska

critic, theoretician, curator, president of the Open Forum of the Communities of the Art of the Dance




Jamil Tafazzolian

Illusionist, choreographer, musician, actor and culture manager. Founder and artistic director of La Poesia in Zurich.




Kamma Siegumfeldt

scholar and producer of contemporary dance. Now committed to outdoors- and circus arts at street theatre festival PASSAGE in Helsingoer, Denmark.





Samuel Roy

artist, juggler, producer, talent scout, senior casting advisor for shows in creation of Cirque du Soleil




 Steffi Haberl

Creative Director, Palazzo Produktionen GmbH in Germany





Stevie Boyd

artistic director and aerial disciplines teacher at FLIC circus school




Tobias Fiedler

teacher, director, and producer. Founder and artistic director of the SOLyCIRCO festival, artistic director of Zartinka. Director of the spectacle of graduates of the State Circus School in Berlin