§ 1 General resolutions

1. The contest holder is the Sztukmistrze Foundation, henceforth called the contest holder.

2. This set of rules explains the terms, extent and conditions of participating in the Eastern European contemporary circus contest, henceforth called the contest.

3. The aim of the contest is to promote the new circus activity at its highest level, the support for contemporary circus artists, the presentation of the most interesting circus études for Lublin’s audience and the confrontation of different groups and circus creators’ artistic accomplishments.

§ 2 Terms of participation

1. Participation in the contest is open for the contemporary circus artists, who are citizens and/or residents of the following countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia.

2. Both individuals and groups can participate in the contest

3. Entry is only available to persons over 16 years of age. The underage persons are obliged to show the legal guardians’ permission to participate.

4. The participants are obliged to present a performance made by their own project from a chosen contemporary circus field (acrobatics, tumbling, juggling, clowning and derivatives), with a minimum length of 4 minutes and a maximum length of 8 minutes.

5. In order to enter the contest, the application form available on website should be filled in by 30th June 2024. In addition, a film material, including an overall record of the entering étude, without cuts, should be sent.

6. The participant guarantees that his/her performance is free from legal faults and that he/she does not interfere with third parties’ rights.

7. If the performance should be accompanied by a soundtrack, the Participants are obliged to deliver a drive free from physical faults with this soundtrack before the performance.

8. During the contest, the participants are using their own props and equipment and avow that these fulfil the appropriate security norms

9. The participants are obliged to inform the contest holder about the technical conditions necessary during the performance. In case they cannot be realized, the contest holder reserves the right not to qualify the participant for the contest.

10. The participant is obliged to inform the contest holder about the dangers related to his/her performance. The contest holder does not take responsibility for the aforementioned elements of the performance.

11. The participant is obliged to perform in such a way that no one will get hurt. The contest holder does not take responsibility for the eventual damage or harm that can result from the participant’s performance, either for the participant or third parties. The responsibility is fully on the participant’s side. The participant is also obliged to take care of the appropriate insurance on his/her own.

12. The use of animals during the performance is forbidden.

§ 3 Rules and course of the contest

1. The contest takes place in two parts:
a) The first part – preliminary based on video materials sent by the participants, held by a board chosen by the contest holder
b) The second part – performance in front of the audience and the jury during 3 contest performances.

2. Among the participants sending their applications, the committee will choose the best performances based on the video materials and will qualify them for the second part.

3. The board’s decision is final and indisputable. The contest participants are not allowed to discuss or seek advice from the board on any issue concerning their participation, especially the course of the performance, their appearance and presenting skills, during the whole course of the contest.

4. The contest holder is not obliged to justify the decision concerning the rejection or qualification of the participant to the next part of the contest.

5. The participant will be informed about further participation in the contest via e-mail or phone call. The finalists’ list will be announced on the contest website and the Facebook profile.

6. The participants who qualified for the second part are obliged to participate in appointed rehearsals and workshops.

§ 4 Awards

1. Three financial prizes will be awarded by the jury:
1st place – 8000 PLN net
2nd place – 5000 PLN net
3rd place – 3000 PLN net

Best Trick Award – 3000 PLN net

Public Award – 3000 PLN net will be awarded by the audience.

Youth Award – 3000 PLN net will be awarded by the youth jury

2. If a prize is awarded jointly, the prize amount will be equally divided between awarded participants.

3. It is possible to establish extra awards in the event of new Founders appearing.

4. The jury can decide not to award one of the prizes.

5. The list of contest prize winners will be published on the contest website.

6. The awards will be then donated according to existing tax regulations.

§ 5 Personal data processing and image diffusing

1. The contest holder reserves the right to process participants’ personal data for the needs of the organization of the contest.

2. Participants’ personal data will be processed according to appropriate legislation, concerning personal data protection. Personal data is processed exclusively for the purpose of the contest, especially for choosing the prizewinners and awarding prizes mentioned in this set of rules.

3. The administrator of personal data is the contest holder.

4. The participants have the right to inspect and correct their personal data.

5. Submitting personal data is voluntary. The participant acknowledges that not submitting appropriate personal data or submitting false, incomplete, or inaccurate data may render participation in the contest or winning a prize impossible. By sending the application, the participant acknowledges that he/she will not have any claims caused by the above conditions.

6. The participant gives the contest holder the unpaid right to multiple use, including diffusing, of photos, phonograms and videograms with the participants’ image and statements, without the need to agree upon each such use. This agreement includes, via optional means, the use, perpetuation, replication of the materials with the participant’s image and voice, and diffusing them for promotional purposes (incl. the contest holder promotion), information and production of the contest according to existing law, especially including posting photos on websites and newspaper, magazine, electronic and folder publications. Concurrently, the participant forfeits any rights concerning the confirmation of each use of the above-mentioned materials with his/her image, also in the case of using them in order to tie them to other images via digital techniques, under the condition that all of these activities will serve only for the promotion of the contest or the contest holder.

§ 6 Final resolutions

1. Each of the participants confirms the acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules via entering the contest.

2. The contest holder settles the issues not mentioned in this set of rules.

3. The contest holder does not reimburse any expenses related to participation in the contest.

4. The contest holder reserves the right to change the above set of rules. Any eventual changes in the rules will be published and highlighted on the contest website.

5. The contest holder reserves the right to stop/delay the course of the contest or to finish the contest prematurely due to an inevitable accident, especially due to technical or legislative reasons.

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