Below is the CYRKULACJE 2020 program. This year’s program will be published soon.

October 1st at 19.00
Special show: Gradient

The structure of the performance is a reflection on the organism in its biological and social sense. It was the organism that inspired research in the field of flow, dynamics and quality of movement, and became a source of questions about the nature of the cause-and-effect relationship, the record of which is the performance.
On stage, apart from various forms of movement, we will see ground and air acrobatics, juggling and optical illusion.


October 4th at 17.00 and 20.00
Polish Premiere: 9.811

Can juggling and Gombrowicz have anything in common? Definitely yes! The spectacle “9.811” is immersed in the atmosphere of the world of Witold Gombrowicz’s last novel. In “Cosmos” weighty philosophical problems are tackled with its own eloquence. It is here that the main character, exploring the limits of our knowledge and the possibilities of creating the world, faces the absurd. In the tension between the desire for order and the chaos of events and things, the drama of a man seeking disambiguation unfolds. Normal and underground logic conflict.
Taking the writer as a guide who knows how to ask the right questions and avoids unambiguous answers, we start, like him, with the concrete – the world of empiricism. Juggling becomes the starting point in the eternal search for meaning.


October 8th at 19.00
Tangram – Stefan Sing, Cristiana Casadio

The jury of the CYRKULACJE contest consists of true masters who have had a huge impact on the circus world with their work – this year the masters not only judge the finalists of the competition but also perform – we invite you to a special performance at the Old Theater in Lublin (Teatr Stary)!

She gives him the cold shoulder. He pushes her away. Yet both would rather passionately embrace. Love is at once heaven and hell. Complex, sexy, and irreverently imaginative, ›Tangram‹ redraws the boundaries of dance, new circus, and physical theatre. Created and performed by renowned ballerina Cristiana Casadio and world-class circus artist Stefan Sing, ›Tangram‹ engagingly describes the human struggle of attraction and repulsion.


October 9th at 19.00
Premiere, with audience voting

October 10th at 18.00
Show with the participation of the jury and audience voting

October 11th at 18.00
Show with the jury’s verdict and award ceremony

The final performances of the contemporary circus contest will take place in the Opera Hall of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin. The same artists qualified for the finals will perform in each of the 3 performances. Please be advised that the list of performing artists may change due to travel restrictions related to the covid-19 epidemic.


Extraordinary acts, live music, competition emotions – book your time for this unique event now!

The event is translated into Polish Sign Language.

Finalists 2020