This year’s program is under preparation. The festival will be held from 30/09 – 09/10/2022

Program 2021:

October 1st at 19.00

October 2nd-3rd at 16.00

Polish Premiere: Tribute – Fundacja Sztukmistrze

Tribute is a circus-theatre performance inspired by the prose of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Half-jokingly, half-heartedly, as the Nobel Prize winner used to write, with the help of juggling, acrobatics and other circus disciplines, a story is told about the timeless dilemmas of “The Magician”, about ghosts, about what suddenly and irretrievably disappeared in the “Great Catastrophe”. Human weaknesses, fears, hopes and joys, however, are still the same and this is also what this spectacle is about.


2-3 October at 18.00
Special Show: O’DD – Race Horse Company


O’DD is visionary contemporary circus and an adventure story of humanity in the guts of gravity. The extremely physical show of a solo acrobat plays with the laws of physics until they bend and one can break free from their grasp. Through wordless acrobatic movement, the essence of humanity is altered, the individual is cut into layers and imagined anew.

For creation, the director and artist of the show, Rauli Dahlberg, drew inspiration from books and movies of Science-Fiction and their imaginative abstract stories and scenarios.

On stage Dahlberg shows his skills with several unique props, his wizardry on the trampoline and the vigorous feats on acrobatic balls. He is joined by musician, and pioneer of live-looping, Miro Mantere, whose compositions and several self-made instruments create an atmospheric soundscape with room for improvisation and interaction for both artists. Dahlberg also collaborated with award-winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin on the specific blend and quality of movement from the worlds of circus and dance. The audiovisual spectacle is completed by the lighting design of Jere Mönkkönen.

Circus Acts Contest:

October 8th at 19.00
Premiere, with audience voting

October 9th at 18.00
Show with the participation of the jury and audience voting

October 10th at 18.00
Show with the jury’s verdict and award ceremony


Contemporary circus artists from Central and Eastern Europe will present the effects of their work in front of the audience and the jury. Each of the invited artists will present their discipline in a unique act, showing how beautiful and creative contemporary circus art is. Each of the acts has a chance to win one of the three main prizes and special prizes, including the Audience Award.
Unusual act, live music, competition emotions – you have to be there!

The final performances of the contemporary circus contest will take place in the Opera Hall of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin. All artists qualified for the finals will perform in each of the 3 performances. Please be advised that the list of performing artists may change due to travel restrictions related to the covid-19 epidemic.


Extraordinary acts, live music, competition emotions – book your time for this unique event now!

The event is translated into Polish Sign Language.

Finalists 2021