Soft Spot

Soft Spot / Olo Company / Finland
30.09, 15:30
01.10, 15:30
Sala Baletowa Centrum Spotkania Kultur w Lublinie


“Soft Spot” is a 55 minute circus show with a juggler, handstand artist, wooden planks and 300 wine glasses.

Everyone has held a wine glass, everyone has broken a wine glass. Since childhood we have built an exciting relationship with this everyday object but what happens when two artists manipulate and test the physical limits of the glass under the bewildered gaze of the audience?



Artists: Arttu Lahtinen & Stina Otterström

Outside-eyes: Petter Wadsten, Wes Peden, Benjamin Richter

Composer of the music: Mika Forsling

Lighting design: Jaakko Sirainen

Photos: Jimmy Sundin

Kup Bilet – sobota Kup Bilet – niedziela

Finalists 2023