7 October 12.00 and 16:00

8 October 12.00 and 16:00

Center for the Meeting of Cultures, Stage Dock

Kup Bilet – sobota 12:00 Kup Bilet – sobota 16:00 Kup Bilet – niedziela 12:00 Kup Bilet – niedziela 16:00


Teacrobat is a humorous solo in an acrobatic kitchen, where the audience is invited to a generous portion of entertainment and tasty gingerbread. This circus ring is equipped with a cupboard, a pantry, and there’s no shortage of tables or chairs. Meanwhile, the artist keeps fit, stretching and balancing things, playfully overcoming heights with ease. Our generous host offers a rich palette of circus art, served up while preparing a treat. The sole protagonist of this performance not only flies about teacups with a wooden spoon but also turns out to be an excellent equilibrist, a phenomenal stand-up comedian and an endearing clown.

Teacrobat is the ingenious story of one man’s dream of having his own big circus tent. Michal Mudrák’s custom tent is designed to let him put it up and perform the entire show by himself, while even doing the sound and lights. Then he packs it up and moves on… In Denmark he won Den Danske Cirkuspris.

Performed by: Michal Mudrák
Directed by: Vojta Švejda (Wariot Ideal, Divadlo bratří Formanů)
Music: Laco Deczi

Finalists 2023