Matylda Górska & Katarzyna Timingeriu

Hula hop / Poland /

They met in 2017 during work on the show “Nevertown” – contemporary circus show with live music.

In 2019 Matylda got an idea to create a duo with live music and she invited Kasia to do it. Their number was created during just a few meetings and premiered in France, in January 2020.

Kasia met circus, because she fell in love with a circus artist – as proof of her affection she learned how to juggle.

Matylda started 10 years ago as a fireshow artist, but she didn’t consider it as a circus. For a couple of years she was performing with different fireshow groups. Then she started to create shows without fire and move to the stage, in the spotlight.

In their free time Matylda loves travelling – for short and long distances, Kasia likes quietness and riding a bike.

Finalists 2023